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Grate Magnets  / Magnetic Bar 



Grate magnets refer to the racks formed by high-absorption magnetic rods fixed and formed by stainless steel plates.


The advantage is that when materials of different forms such as powder, particles, liquids, and gases flow through the magnetic rack, the iron-based Impurities will be adsorbed on the magnetic rod of the magnetic stand, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying materials and maintaining the safety of product manufacturing.

1. The stainless steel material can be 304 or 316L, with good corrosion resistance.

2. Standard working temperature is under 80℃,the highest can reach 300 ℃.

3. According to the size of the magnetic bar, the grate magnetic up to 13000 gauss.

4. Other accessories such as handles, guide rods, guide plates or multi-layer     

    stainless steel plates and other requirements. All can be customized as customer



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