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Year 1986

Year 1989

Year 1992

Year 1994

Year 1995

Year 1996

Year 1997

Year 1999

Year 2004

Year 2006

Year 2015

The founder,Mr. Yang, brought the Sintered Neodymium magnet from China.

Mr. Yang went to Japan and had a discussion with the original inventor of Sintered Neodymium magnet in Japan.

New Favor Industry CO., LTD was established.

We has started cooperate with the international manufacture of ferrite magnet.

We cooperated with the American company and got into the automobile supply chain.

We cooperated with the Japanese company sold the telephone receiver around the world.

We have started to offer the motorcycle motor supply chain.

We sold the Iron oxide –Red as agent exported to China, reaching 400 tons per month

​In 1999,got into the Germany Market.

In 2004, got into the India market.

Starting cooperate with Taiwan biggest manufacture of motor company

Joint research and development of the electronic motorcycle, and become the famous brand's supplier.

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