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About Us

Reliable Magnet Team

       New Favor has been established for nearly 30 years. With the professionalism and enthusiasm for permanent magnets, the team members are committed to providing permanent magnets with both quality and price advantages for domestic and foreign customers.

Response Customer Need Immediately

        Due to the advantages of nature resources, the manufacture of rare earth raw material is concentrated in China. In China, there are more than thousands of magnet manufacturers. New Favor can stand out and become a long-term magnet supplier of Taiwan Shihlin Electric, TECO Electric, etc.
        Moreover, enter the electric motor manufacturers in Germany, Japan and India,etc.

Abundant Experience in Magnet 

         Our team has gradually surpassed a hundred years of experience in magnetic materials. It is well known that permanent magnets such as neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt, as the main components of motor products, are a very important part of product design. 

         How to provide rare earth magnet products that best meet their needs through cooperation with customers, change the product development schedule and enhance product competitiveness, is our constant goal and push this driving force that keeps us growing.

Support Customer As Priorities 

          New Favor has become a strong backing for our customers in the development of industrial 4.0 robots, electric motorcycles and EV cars by stably providing customized high-end magnet performance. 
         The accumulated experience in the past has made us ready to continue to become the most trusted magnet team for customers with our products and expertise in the current industry transformation and seeking breakthroughs.

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