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Electronic parts application

Electronic products have always been linked to our lives, but did you know that magnets are hidden inside them?

Magnets are inseparable from our notebook computers for leisure and entertainment or work, automotive electronic meters, microphones, guitars and other stringed instrument pickups. Also the mobile phones we use every day. In order to more effectively utilize the advantages of magnets, in recent years, mobile phones and smart watches have also added magnets to the charging part as we known as magsafe charging, replacing the traditional practice of requiring the body to also be connected to a charging cable, and then changing to magnetic wireless charging.

The speakers use magnets and electric current to convert them into sound. Now speakers are widely used in stereos, earphones, sports equipment, children's toys, etc. In addition, a magnetic field can also be generated by relying on current. In a closed coil without current, if a magnet is inserted to generate a magnetic field, current will naturally be generated in the coil. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction. Induction motors, generators, induction cookers, instructors, etc. all use the principle of electromagnetic induction.

With the rapid advancement of science and technology, energy saving and carbon reduction have become a major issue now. The automobile industry is also committed to the research and development and development of EV electric vehicles. Of course, magnets are also indispensable. Facilitate our lives and the development of technology.


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