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Consumer Expenditure Application

Consumption application accounts for a large proportion of the world economy, and consumer goods will continue to expand in the future. The application of magnets, directly or indirectly, allows magnets to perform their functions silently but effectively in human life.

In our daily life, we actually use magnets in unexpected places every day. In terms of the attraction characteristics of magnets, when opening and closing the refrigerator door, there will be a suction force, because the refrigerator door is equipped with a magnetic seal; or in high-power audio-related consumer products, the principle is to use the magnetic field generated by the magnet to make the coil vibrate. The frequency amplifies the sound; what’s more worth mentioning is that in recent years, the exercise bike, which is quite popular, uses the magnet resistance effect of magnets to generate pedaling resistance to meet the needs of different exercise intensities. The principle is to adjust the flywheel. The distance between the metal periphery (or inner periphery) of the magnet and the magnet is so close that it produces resistance of different magnitudes.

The seemingly thin and short magnets are in fact inseparable importance and relevance to our lives. Magnets continue to play an indispensable role. In the future, consumer products and magnets will still have a large number of integration processes, creating higher cost-effective consumer products, and multi-faceted applications will add some changes and convenience to our lives.


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